Present system of education

Dear Editor,
It is true that standing water start stinking and movement is necessary to keep them pure. It is true that certain minor changes here and there are necessary for keeping a system from getting rigid. But any efforts to bring waves or tides shall only
create a storm or flood.
Our present education system of education does develop well-rounded personalities. Our modern methods of education provide for the study of varied subjects, participation in games and sports and in activities like dramatics and debates.
Therefore, in the higher interests of a growing and developing system of education it will not be expedient to change it drastically at present.
But considering our resources are limited, finances are insufficient and the facilities at our disposal meager, the education that we are able to manage can hardly be improved upon. We do not have enough of buildings for government schools, not enough play-fields and we are short of capable teaching staff also. Inspite of all this, the present system of education in my opinion is not defective rather it needs the devotion of the government to equalize the education system in both private as well as in government schools.
Dinesh Sudan
Miran Sahib, Jammu.

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