President of PSAP attacked in Jammu, Escapes Unhurt

FEB 1: Amit Kapoor, HRSSS Education Facilitator of Jammu & Kashmir was targeted to 3 bullets yesterday in Greater Kailash. Kapoor, who arranged Parents’ meeting in Bari Brahamana faced the incident while returning.

“Everyone knew that today I had a meeting with Parents in Bari Brahamana so that more people attend tomorrow’s protest in Press Club, Jammu. In fact, I had put up a post on Parents Association page also. After the meeting, while I was returning, I was live on my social media account. As I entered Greater Kailash, I felt like a rocket light flashing on my car and thought it’s normal because it did not break my car’s glass. It came for the second time. I stopped my car. When it happened for the third time, I knew it’s something dangerous. I rushed my car and stopped at a check post. They told me that 3 bullets were fired at me. Those bullets were exactly at my chest’s height but by God’s grace I was fortunate enough to be safe.” Kapoor said

“Since, I support Parents, last year I became the reason for their loss and as I started the same thing with the same mission this year, they tried to attack me. Lots of Parents were ready to attend tomorrow’s protest but this happened. Police will do the investigation. I cannot comment on anything yet.” He added.

Kapoor further added that he had filed a complaint to Police 6 months ago about his security but no action was taken.

“I registered a complaint to Police 6 months ago about my security. I knew I was going to get attacked but no one worked on the complaint. I think after Jammu becoming an UT, it’s not safe here. I request LG Sir and DGP Sir to investigate the matter and take actions on the complaints registered 6 months ago. Many people put allegations on me, even complained about me in High Court but when I was found clean, they attacked me. I don’t understand why are they doing this to me?”