‘Preventable Political Nosiness from Other Side, Actually Produced Hell-Like Situations, In Paradise on Earth’

Serious Study Report By:
Harbans S Nagokay.

Today, on and after, 51st day of ‘Mind-Less’ turbulences-&-disturbances in Kashmir valley, Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardass Modi; in a point of fact started giving the impression of being seriously serious on Kashmir issue; well in coordination with their coalition partners PDP alongside engaging other mainstream opposition leaders from almost all political parties.
Modi’s heart touching words “Any life lost in Kashmir, whether of any youth or any security personnel, is our own loss,” appropriately touched rather netted hearts of many including our former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who on Sunday also expressed satisfaction on PM’s proclamation. NAMO’s slogan of “Sab Ka Saath – Sab Ka Vikas” also now started sounding as upright and quite visible from his continuous words of appreciations for opposition leaders & parties, whom PM met at Delhi last Monday.
Things are otherwise now fairly noticeable at Srinagar & other areas, where people (Above-95%) at this time at-least, looks like as if shortly going to make other sides surprised by believing the positive sprays assured & undertaken by our Union Government, there-for.
“God Gave Us Two Ends- One To Think With.Attainment Depends On Which One We Use.Heads We Win & Tail We Lose.”
Most-Appropriately; PM Modi, Tried to Make Us Recognise Something Equivalent to Above, During His Yesterday’s, Radio-Talk; Mann Ki Baat.
To change the ‘Mind-Set’ of left over group of people / youths (5%) involved, an all-party delegation is expected to visit Srinagar in an attempt to reach out to people and kick-start a politically aware dialogue. To start the process of normalcy, curfew restrictions also lifted and other adoptive measures will soon come into action. As the next step to ensure ‘Mind-Change’ a strong action plan, which would include talks with the so-called separatist leaders and other stake holders, would be also there to be implemented as schedule theme.
Although! These most-awaited, action-steps are duly welcomed by all at Kashmir and more expectations toward an early remedial action to this on-going unrest alongside something akin to permanent determination toward Pakistan, is also solicited from the civics residing on this side of Jawahar tunnel, as Nawaz-The Pakistani PM also started playing another ‘Mind-Game’ to internationalize this issue of Kashmir and through a newly appointed team of his senators.
Yes! Undoubtedly, other side of LoC which is trying hard to snatch this part of Kashmir, since last about 70 years and might attempt to further overwrought the situations. As now countered reaction from India’s new tone for Pakistan to vacate “all of Kashmir” might create some more violent behaviours both at ground & borders.
By all said and done, ‘Special-Minds’ ought to be applied toward handling this on-going unrest in societies well via restoration of peace there in valley. Yes! With no compromises ‘National Security’ else all anti-nationals and communal-forces should otherwise be dealt with iron hands.
Last but not least, we should also keep in ‘Mind’ that in the face of dealing with such turmoil & disorders, and alongside controlling Pakistan, we as a nation need to stand together and well-prepared for a tactically strong-actions against the treats likely coming from China as well as ISIS, whose black-flags can be easily seen alongside green flags, in few risky hands at Kashmir, many times.
In order to take out extra covers for re-establishing the melodious rhymes coming-out at our blissful heaven on earth, responsible highbrows from civil societies, should come forward and ‘genuinely apply their minds’ to exclude our populaces from professed, conflicts well by following the teachings of our religious convictions and spiritual trusts.
As at last, we all have to rest in peace.As such, choice is also ours; to live under the shadows of terror else decorate our borders with flowers along the progress of civilizations.

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