Preventing road accidents

Dear Editor,

One more mishaps and one more expose of the tall claims of the government action. Why it is that only when a tragedy is struck that administration with all its organs swings into action with the announcement of commissions, enquiry, directions and new plans and strategies aimed at checking accidents. Infact, this paves way for another tragedy.

Only in our Jammu region within last six months, more than twenty major accidents took place in the different parts killing many more  precious lives and injuring more than many hundreds persons. While analyzing these road rages, it is observed that these tragedies struck due to the fact that either the drivers were blatantly violating the traffic rules or the ill fated vehicles were not in proper road condition besides other factors like poor road, inadequate number of passenger vehicle.

Then the million dollar question arise how these mishaps happen right under the nose of administration/ agencies responsible for checking the same?. The most visible face of the administration responsible for the same is Motor vehicle department and traffic police. The traffic police has poor strength. And it can be seen that these cops on duty don’t bother for the choking traffic jams and overloading but are more concerned in maintaining their secret diary.

One of the simple and effective ways of checking these tragedies is to take away the powers of traffic police and entrust them a job of only maintaining traffic / preventing overloading with no power of compounding/ challan / seizure. And I am sure that if it is done, traffic will not only be regulated effectively besides reducing accidents as well.

Similarly awareness of traffic rules among the drivers and young teens is also the need of the hour besides this  sufficient  number of passenger vehicle should be allotted permits especially the hilly areas of the region and constructions of motorable roads with parapets will go a long way  in reducing happening of tragic accidents after regular intervals.


Priyanka Parihar

Bantalab, Jammu

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