Prime Minister’s call for ekta, mamata in Kashmir

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to invoke the twin principles of ekta and mamata i.e. unity and compassion is expected to engage all the stakeholders for heralding peace in Jammu & Kashmir. His firm stand, to handle all those who are relentlessly working for fomenting terror and by using the ordinary civilians, particularly the youth, will send a strong signal across that India will not compromise the safety and security of its people. Highlighting the deep pain and anguish by saying that any loss of life, whether of any youth or security personnel, is a loss for our country, he has rightly showed his sustained concern for all those who are suffering in the conflict in Jammu & Kashmir since July 8.
His continuous efforts to engage all the political parties for arriving at a point of consensus irrespective of playing any ideological overtones will finally work in favour of addressing the genuine concerns of the people of the state. Indeed, Modi’s new mantra of unity and compassion came days after he and the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, together echoed former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayees gospel of insaniyat, Kashmiriyat andjamhooriyat for restoring normalcy in Jammu & Kashmir. Simultaneously, Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s persistent efforts to talk, engage and share her deep feelings with the people at local level must be appreciated besides her closed door dialogue with Modi. Her emphasis on a conducive atmosphere for an urgent solution to the crisis is in fact what is badly needed today in the State. And this must be realised by the opposition and the protesters must shun violence for the sake of peace and prosperity for all the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Mehbooba’s stern warning that people provoking the youth of Kashmir to gherao and attack security camps should stop abetting violence must also be taken seriously by the locals as they are just being made shields by the separatists for attaining their goals. Will there be a way out in Jammu & Kashmir ? Who is responsible for the current mess? It is felt that the State of J&K has been made a permanent point of target by the militants for unleashing their frustrated designs, mostly orchestrated from across the border in Pakistan. Hence, while trying to fix the troubles in the State, a parallel endeavour must be kept on both at diplomatic and political levels, so that one fine day India can have a full-proof solution for ‘cross-border terrorism’. As India is blaming Pakistan for inspiring the youths through its proxies in the State, therefore it should not let Pakistan go soft on terror elements that are fanning a clandestine network against us in that country.
Pakistan should be made to act on all thejihadis that are waging a war against India from its soil. It is increasingly becoming a cancer for the whole sub-continent without realising that very soon the same terror that it is harbouring will devour it only. Above all, Modi’s ardent wish to reach out to the youth and those who are suffering in the conflict, will obviously raise hope and have a positive impact on the entire State. Meanwhile lifting the 51 day curfew in the valley from Monday, except in some areas of Jammu and Pulwama town, will provide a healing touch to the ordinary citizens who were just locked up inside their houses for so long. Hope peace prevails soon.

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