Private cars of VVIP s with VIP numbers

Dear Editor,

Special VIP numbers for vehicles in Delhi are auctioned by keeping a fixed reserve-price for different categories of such numbers. But it is highly improper and unjustified that a certain category of privileged persons like Parliamentarians, Delhi legislators, bureaucrats and Judges will be getting such special VIP numbers on their private vehicles, thus losing big revenue earning which would have been by auction of such VIP numbers.

It is significant that these privileged ones are free to get extra price of their vehicles with special VIP numbers after one year, thus resulting in monetary benefit for which even Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) of India should take cognizance for loss of revenue. However official government-vehicles allotted to such persons could be allotted free-of-cost with a provision that such special numbers would not be transferred while sale/auction/transfer of these government vehicles to private bodies.


System of giving vehicle-owners liberty to get their vehicles registered in any out of nine registering-authorities in Delhi, should be slightly modified for achieving extra good. One of the authorities should be fixed exclusively for miscellaneous vehicles like including commercial and heavy vehicles. Rest of eight authorities should be divided proportionately to register cars and two-wheelers exclusively for each of the authorities. System will give big advantage of having large number of series of numbers with just eight characters which presently is swelling to even ten.

For example, presently in the 8-charecter number say ‘DL 6C 9999’ and ‘DL 6S 9999’ alphabet ‘C’ and ‘S’ respectively denote categories of vehicles (car and scooter) and the numeral ‘6’ the number of registering authority. Purpose could have been achieved by re-allocating nine registering authorities to register particular categories of vehicles.

For instance four registering authorities from say ‘2’ to ‘5’ could register cars only while those from ‘6’ to ‘9’ for two-wheelers leaving that with number ‘1’ for miscellaneous categories. Such a system could leave the fourth alphabet in ‘DL 6C 9999’ for different 26 series from A to Z.



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