Private telecom companies abandon roads and streets after digging

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Kathua, April 25
There is a brewing resentment among the people against the digging of roads and streets by some private telecom companies in Ward 8 and 12 of Kathua City and abandoning the work after throw entire muck on road side resulting into water logging and creating a lot of public nuisance.
The people of said wards of Kathua have warned to come to streets in case immediate steps were not taken by the concerned agency to restore the roads dug by the private telecom companies for laying the Four G Cable.
They said that the roads were dug during night by the contractors of the company and the muck has been thrown on road side causing lot of inconvenience to the people of these localities in their movement.
The situation turned worst in these localities during the last two days due to water logging on these roads after the blockage of drainage system resulting in public nuisance. The people apprehend that stacking of water in drains and cesspools of water which have emerged due to digging of streets in unplanned way can cause epidemic.
The people in these localities said that no agency owes responsibility of digging the roads. While approaching Municipal Council Kathua for renovation of the roads they said that no permission has been sought by the company from it for digging the streets. There is such a confusion over the issue among the different departments that contractor mislead people as well as Government agencies regarding permission.
The people in these wards are in worst problem and have warned agitation in case immediate steps were not taken for repairing the roads.
They alleged that it seems there is no Government worth in the District and every one is maintaining his monopoly in the system.

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