Privatisation of government schools

Dear Editor,

Privatisation of formal education in India is not new, it is existed even before independence in the form of public schools. Central and state government both took initiatives to establish state-owned or government aided schools. Teachers at all levels have their salaries determined according to national or state wage scales.

After interlinked processes of globalization and liberalization it has tremendously affected the educational process in India. But, the only question which arises in the mind of the people is that despite having government school in every state, people are still running behind the private schools. The quality of education is not upto the mark as compared to private schools.

So the government instead of making new provisions in the education sector they should improve the quality of education by providing teachers with the best training. Moreover, government should take positive steps towards the privatization of the government schools so that better education can lead to best future of the country.

Deepak sharma

Gandhi Nagar

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