Problem of stray cattle on roads

Dear Editor
In our city hundred of cows roam freely on the roads and often pose dangers to commuters. These stray cows cause jams and accidents. Moreover their dung causes dirty roads, cluttered parks and clogged sewers. Most of these cows are unhealthy as they eat food from garbage and leftover. Many a times these stray cows stand in the middle of the road, blocking it. The so called animal lovers give their leftovers to the animals at the corner of the road or on footpath where animals gather causing nuisance to the pedestrians as well as to the bikers, I personally face it very difficult to use the footpath. So I would humbly request the citizens of Jammu to avoid giving leftovers at public places, if they want to exhibit their love and affection towards animals.
Yours Truly
Loveleen Verma

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