Prosecution failure leads to acquittal in murder case

Principal Sessions Judge Udhampur RS Jain acquitted one Naizaqit Ali of Khari Tehsil & Distt Udhampur who was facing trial in murder case, as prosecution miserably failed.

Court observed that surprisingly features of the present case is that there is nothing on record, more particularly, in the evidence of the I.O as to how the investigating agency came to know that the offence has been committed by the accused  though the case was registered  on the information received from reliable source.

Principal Sessions Judge Udhampur  RS Jain after hearing both the sides observed that in the instant case, prosecution has failed to connect the alleged disclosure statement and the subsequent recovery of the bat and makes the case of prosecution highly unreliable and weak convict the accused with the commission of the offence with which he is charged and In the present case, the links in the entire chain of events are not connected and there missing the links of chain of circumstance which makes it highly reliable to convict the accused for the charge of murder against him.

Court further observed that in the present case, prosecution has failed to prove the guilt of accused beyond reasonable doubt by consent and clear evidence. Thus, the accused is hereby acquitted of the charges leveled against him.


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