Protest over irregularities in teachers/master transfer

The Academic side of all the educationalinstitutions in Poonch district has been suffering badly as the ChiefEducation Officer (CEO) along with his deputy has transferred over onethousand teachers and Masters violating all norms of the transfer
policy, resulting most of the teachers and master have launched anindefinite strike and not joined their new place of postings. Theteachers demanded vigilance probe and intervention of EducationMinister and commissioner secretary into the matter.
The Teachers/Masters have alleged that the Chief Education OfficerPoonch Lal Hussain Choudhary along with his Deputy Chief Educationofficer Satpal Sharma have sidelined the proposals submitted by thecluster committees and violating all norms adjusted blue eyed onchoice postings and sent others teachers/masters to for off places or odd areas where they have served for several years.Sources told that the Deputy Commissioner Poonch, Mohd Haroon Malikhas also taken CEO’s class in this respect and asked him to modify thewrong postings and follow the transfer norms set by the Educationdepartment.The Chief education Officer Poonch had issued first transfer list ofTeachers of 6th of August but the date written on the orders were of29th of July and the teachers were asked to join immediately. The CEOhad issued individual orders where as he had to issue transfer list.The teachers alleged that the CEO Poonch not only side lined theCluster Committees but also not considered medical cases or representations.

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