Provide constitutional safeguards to protect jobs and lands of locals in J&K: Harsh

Accusing the BJP government of falling back on its promises of saving the lands and jobs of locals of J&K, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister said that not only the general public but the educated youth were highly disappointed over the flip flops of the ruling party over the issues.

He said that while the government had failed to bring any law till date so as to save the lands of locals from outsiders, the job policy as enumerated through domicile law had further antagonized the youth of J&K.

The move of the opening of J&K jobs to all those outsiders who obtained domicile certificates was in total contrast with the assurances of BJP leaders and had invariably antagonized the youth of J&K, in particular, said Singh. He was addressing the media after admitting around 25 youth in Panthers Party today.

Speaking to media persons, Harsh Dev Singh said that while the centre appeared to be fully focused on Ladakh, the people of J&K continued to feel the heat of some of the adverse fallouts of the latest decisions of the GOI after the abolition of Art 370 and the passage of Re-organization Act.

He said that people of J&K too wanted the domicile law as enacted during the rule of Maharaja Hari Singh to continue so as to safeguard the interests of the people of this erstwhile princely state. He said that possibilities of the land sharks usurping the lands of the state subjects and bullying the poor and un-influential landowners of the state could not be ruled out following the abrogation of the laws giving protection to local farmers.

He said that danger of loss of employment opportunities was another very serious issue which was staring the educated unemployed youth in the face. He said that a scary situation was erupting in which the unemployed youth was getting restive and agitated with none to address their bonafide concerns and apprehensions.

He said that with thousands of UP and Bihari labourers and other workers from adjoining states already having settled in J&K especially in various parts of Jammu region and having obtained domicile certificates, the concerns of the locals were well-founded. He said that while the GOI wanted to protect the history, culture, lands, Jobs of Ladakhis by virtue of the amendment of the sixth schedule, its apathy towards J&K was not only condemnable but culpable as well.

With Jammu region having overwhelmingly supported the BJP in Parliament and Assembly elections, any disregard for the sentiments of its people could prove counterproductive for the saffron party.