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One side India is moving towards development and very soon it become the fully develop country among the world but in J&K, especially in Jammu, majority of the villages and towns witnessed huge power crisis which is not good for modernisation of the state.
Even PDD department could not spare the meter areas, it also curtail power cuts. Already Power Development Department (PDD) fail to install electric meters in majority of the rural areas but in chilling winter season, the department curtail power cut more than 50 hours a week in unmetered areas which is matter of concern. The students are the worst sufferers in these areas as during exams they could not concentrate due to power cut. Various delegations have reached the concerned department in this regard but only promises have been made but nothing has been done so far. Authorities should arrange some measures for these people and give some relief to them. Authorities should constitute teams and direct them to install meters as soon as possible and provide them proper power supply. A total of 56-hour a week cuts (two and a half day per week) will be enforced by the government in the Jammu region, which is likely to hit every sector. Even in metered areas, unscheduled cuts have become a routine exposing the claims of the government that the supply has been vastly improved following the implementation of the Centre-sponsored Restructured Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (R-APDRP). This is the matter of concern for government. Authorities should complete the installation of electric meters in these areas and provide them full power like other areas.
They too have the right to get proper electricity but due to non-seriousness of PDD department, the residents of rural areas suffered. Though the government has not issued any curtailment schedule for metered areas in Jammu, the Kashmir valley faces nine-hour cuts in unmetered areas and five-hour cuts in metered areas, a total 63-hour cut per week in unmetered and 35-hour cut in metered areas.As per the 2010-11 Census, the number of households in the state was 20,15,088 and 17,53,201 households were supplied electricity. However, 15,72,815 consumers are registered with the PDD. Of the registered consumers, only 7,50,308 are metered connections, leaving 8,22,507 lakh households without meters, who will have to face power cuts during the winter season across the state.
It means each family in unmetered area will spend a total of two and a half days without power in a week during the cold months. This is quite contradictory to the statements of ministers. It is because of the delay by successive governments that reform process is slow.

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