R.M. Public School celebrates mother’s day

R.M. Public School has celebrated Mother’s Day by the students of standard 1st in the multipurpose hall of R.M. Public School. Children expressed their love, affection and esteems for their mother through participating in various activities like dances, and play. Meenakshi Kilam Registrar Jammu University was the CHIEF GUEST of the occasion. Trustee of R.M. Public School Rita Mengi along with the Principal Ravinder Kour were also present there.


The whole function delivered the message that a mother is definitely a true friend and best guide any child can have. She holds her children’s hands for a short time but remain in their hearts forever.  Tanisha Bandral of 1st “D”, Piyush Gandotra of 1st “B” along with Avleen Kour of 1st “B” and Anika Jamwal of 1st “A” were the anchors of the function. The function was started with the lightning of lamp ceremony and many cultural programmes.


Then mothers have also taken part in the function by participating in different games. At last function was closed by the speech of the CHIEF GUEST who appreciated the efforts of all the teachers and students who have participated in the function. Trustee Mam have also appreciated the whole team of standard 1st for their hard work.

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