‘Raahde’ Dogri folk begins at JKAACL’s premises

J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages in collaboration with Duggar Sanskriti Sangam, Batehra today showcased the most spectular folk form known as ‘Raahde’. This is a month long activity which was commenced today in the premises of the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Jammu. This festival starts on Ist Ashaad and culminates on Ist of Sharwan every year. The women especially young and newly wedded girls so a Kharif seeds of different verities in the terracotta of pitcher necks of different sizes in the courtyard of their house or on the rooftop. They also beautify/ decorated these ‘Raahde’ with natural dry colours made of soft stones of different colour, charcoal, green leaves, red and yellow flowers. On the Ist of Shawna, the festival culminated with big celebrations called as Badda Rutt on the banks of water bodies where the women gathered, sing folk songs related with the festival and have feast together. Earlier welcoming the august gathering, the students, parents, Dr Arvinder Singh Amn, highlighted the importance of the Cultural values to the new generation who has highly influenced the introduction of new advanced infrastructure like internet etc of the present era.

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