Rahul Gandhi says PM Narendra Modi launched personal attacks but failed to answer his questions

March 4: Rahul Gandhi on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of launching personal attacks at him in his speech in the Lok Sabha and said people of Assam will send BJP packing from the state during the Assembly poll like their Bihar counterparts due to his unkept promises.

The Congress Vice President said Modi attacked him yesterday but did not reply to the questions he had asked of him in his speech on Wednesday and again attacked the Prime Minister over his “non-stop false promises”.

With BJP putting together a coalition of several regional parties in its attempt to consolidate Hindu votes, Gandhi claimed that the opposition coalition will destroy the brotherhood and progress which the 15-year-old rule of Congress has ushered in Assam. “In his over one hour and 15 minute speech, he launched personal attacks at me. He narrated me quotes of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. But did not answer a single question I had asked him. I respect him. He is the country’s Prime Minister. I asked him four questions but he did not answer.

“Launch personal attacks at me as much you want and enjoy it but do answer my four questions,” he said, referring to his queries about employment generated by ‘Make in India’ and the scheme brought by the government to unearth black money, which he called “fair and lovely”, among others.

In a jibe aimed at the Congress leader, Modi had yesterday said some people grow in age but not in understanding and claimed that the opposition suffers from “inferiority complex”.

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