Rain in Jammu brings relief from scorching summer heat

Bharti Jasrotia

Dust storm followed by rain in Jammu on Friday evening definitely brought relief from hot and sultry weather. Several places in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly the plains, were witnessing nothing less than heatwave conditions in the last 2 days. In fact, the highest maximum temperature of 42.5°C was recorded at Jammu region in on Sunday.
This spell of rain will bring down temperatures both in the hills and plains.
Intense heatwave conditions in Jammu had brought life to a halt. Jammu recorded the highest maximum temperature in this month. The city sizzled at 44 degree Celsius.
While no relief seemed to have been in sight, rain gods finally decide to give Jammu what it had been craving for.
Today afternoon, Jammu city recorded a good rainfall. However, these rains have resulted in the drop of maximums only by a notch.
A blanket of dark clouds covered Jammu city giving hopes to the people reeling under intense heatwave conditions. Soon, good showers lashed the city of temples, and the residents of the Jammu city heaved that much-needed sigh
of relief.

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