Raising of POJK issue, a bold step

Since independence when Kashmir problem erupted between both India and Pakistan, the policy of Indian government towards Kashmir tangle has remained defensive while Pakistan continue to remain offensive not only on ground but at international forum. Unfortunately this passive policy of successive government on Kashmir continue, which gave enough rope to Pakistan as well as their hired agent in Kashmir Valley.
Pertinently this attitude of the central government also reflected that India is offender and culprit rather than victim of this problem.
In was only during 1990, when Congress government led by PV Narsimha Rao passed a resolution regarding freeing of Pakistan occupied Kashmir from the Pakistan but it remained only on papers rather than doing anything by any government.
The successive government did not show any political will in raising of PoJK issue with Pakistan or at international forum.
Prime Minister Narender Modi, while chairing all party meet held on Friday to discuss ongoing unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, deserved appreciation for making announcement for counter-offensive on Kashmir policy by focusing on Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) including its liberation from Pakistan which is the only unfinished agenda between both countries.
Pakistan and separatist forces are always making hue and cry over holding plebiscite in J&K as per resolution passed by UNO but they forget that all these resolutions have become null and void when head of both the states signed Shimla Agreement during 1972, committing to resolve Kashmir problem bilaterally without any intervention of third party.
Moreover the Kashmir issue as on date is no more on the agenda of Security Council of UNO so raising of K-issue at international level is a futile exercise.
In recent Rajya Sabha debate held on Kashmir unrest, former Minister and senior Congress leader Dr Karn Singh, said that withholding of dialogue with Pakistan on the part of Indian government cannot be justified as J&K was having 84,000 Sq Km area at the time of independence, 1/3 part of it was occupied by Pakistani invader during 1947 incursion while large chunk of land in Ladakh region called Akshai Chin was grabbed by China during 1962 China War. He said at present only 42000 Sq Km area is held with India and to retrieve areas occupied illegally by these neighbour countries, we have to engage them in talk.
Modi Government would add another feather in its cap if the case of human rights violations at POJK and Baluchistan is taken up strongly with all countries including major powers and UNO.
Pakistan should not forget that they are holding 1/3 J&K area illegally and India has every right to ask her to vacate it.
It is also encouraging that all parties are on same page as far as Kashmir problem is
The unrest and violence in Kashmir Valley is backing from Pakistan to destabilize India and there is no suspense at all to any party.
A visit of all party meet to Kashmir Valley in near future would help to pave the way to restore normalcy and peace in the Valley.
Government has to take into consideration the suggestions given by all parties to douse flames in the Valley.

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