Raja Brar lambasts PM Modi, asks youth to stand united and oppose PDP-BJP policies

100th Birth Anniversary of Indira Gandhi

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Jammu Tawi, April 25
All India Youth Congress President Amarinder Singh Raja Brar today asked the youth to unite and strengthen the Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress to oppose policies of ruling PDP-BJP Government.
“Strengthen the Congress party and oppose the policies of the present regime in the State which is most opportunist alliance of two ideologically different parties, who are together for the sake of power but are also following a divisive policy on sensitive issues,” Brar said while addressing a convention of youth Congress organized in connection with the 100th birth anniversary celebrations of Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
He said that both PDP and BJP are indulged in rehtorics to address their respective constituencies and as a result the situation has worsened a lot in the Kashmir valley.
He also lashed out at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government for trying to distort history and ignoring the contributions of great stalwarts like Indira Gandhi on political considerations.
“These attempts would not succeed as the countrymen would never forget their contributions,” he added and referred to the removal of the postal stamp in name of Former PM during BJP regime, which speaks of their vendetta.
Lambasting the policy of vendetta pursued by the BJP and Modi government, Raja said that the democratic norms are being violated and every attempt is being made to tarnish the image of Congress leadership.
“Youth Congress had played a vital role in late seventies to bring the Congress back to power and it is again the time to awaken to unite the youth against the wrong policies by the BJP government,” he maintained.
Speaking on the occasion JKPCC Chief G A Mir said that the situation has deteriorated in the state due the wrong polices of the Centre and State government and the betrayal of respective mandate by the PDP and BJP for the sake of power.
Mir said that the two parties primarily contested against the agenda of each other and exploited the regional and religious sentiments of the people but later betrayed the faith of respective electorate, which has caused great anger against the youth.
Former Minister and Congress Senior Vice President Sham Lal Sharma lashed out the opportunist forces who exploit the sentiment of the people for their political vested interests.
He said that national interests should not be compromised and congress has to be cautious against such forces who have dual standards.
Rigzin Jora however, criticized the failure of the PDP-BJP for failing to come to the expectations of people and are responsible for the prevailing unrest in the Valley.
“Congress always worked for strengthening the bonds of unity and integrity of three regions and ensured equitable development and all out war against communal and divisive forces is the test of the time to maintain unity in diversity,” said Jora.
Raman Bhalla also lashed out at the BJP, PDP combine for its total failure and blamed the two parties of exploiting the sentiments of people. He said that two parties and their leaders speak in different languages but are together for power, which has left them exposed before people.
PYC President Pranav Shagotra said that youth congress is the backbone of the party. He said that youth congress has always highlighted the issues of youth and protested against the wrong policies of the present regime which is most unholy and opportunists.
He said youth congress would continue to target polices and failure of present regime and fight the communal and divisive policies and forces in order to maintain harmony and unity in the society.

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