Rana for collective political approach to restore peace in Kashmir

National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana called for a collective approach to restore peace and normalcy in the Kashmir Valley by addressing its political problems, saying this is necessary for lasting peace in the State.
He said that reconciliation and not confrontation was the only way out to steer the Valley from the present grave situation. He hoped the ruling dispensation will shun political myopism and help in creating an atmosphere wherein solution to the problem is found collectively.
He said the people have suffered most during 54 days of turbulent situation with a number of precious lives lost and thousands injured. “The pain of Kashmir is equally being felt in Jammu and we want the political parties to appreciate the gravity of the situation and rise above party politics and work together to find out a solution acceptable to all stake-holders, which could lead to sustainable peace in the State”, he said, adding that National Conference would continue to play its assigned role in this behalf.
He said the disturbed conditions in the Valley have taken toll of the governance, which in any case was at the lowest ebb, and expressed concern over accumulating problems to people on developmental and utility services fronts. He said the administrative inertia is galore due to lack of political direction and people were suffering with their chosen representatives in the government showing immense degree of indifference. “Except for photo-ops the presence of political executives is nowhere to be seen”, he said.

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