Rao opposes enhancing pay hike of MLA’s

The members of Movement for Peace Equality and Justice, Kuldeep Kumar Rao and Gurtaj Singh in a joint statement issued here have appreciated the attitude of RS Pathania, MLA, Ram Nagar who opposed the suggestion of enhancing the pay salary of MLA’s by getting bill passed to that effect. He suggested that the opinion of general public should be sought whether they approve the proposal of enhancing the pay salary of the legislators or not. They also regretted the attitude of Ex-Chief Minister, Umar Abdullah for opposing the setting up of Sainik colony in Kashmir for retired Sainiks, who are permanent residence of J&K State. If such colonies have been set up in Jammu Division un-opposed, why should such colonies not be established in Kashmir? Umar Abdullah understands well that whatever he says is wrong yet goes on twitting such massages only to gain some personal motives. The Chief Minister and Dy. Chief Minister should not be defensive by saying that no such colonies are being established, rather they should assert themselves and go ahead with the programme of establishing Sainik colony in Kashmir. Retired Sainiks are well disciplined and if the local retired Sainiks want to live in Sainik colony in Kashmir in that case the Sainik colony should immediately be established in Kashmir. Most of the Kashmiri leaders have misled the innocent people of Kashmir in the past with a view to run their own political shops and thus depriving the public of peace, progress & development. Let these leaders stop this practice forthwith and not make non issues as important issues in the assembly. The raising of such non-issues wastes the valuable time of this august house and the genuine issues of the public remained un-discussed and the hard earned public money is un-necessary wasted.

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