Rape of a 20 year old girl in Jammu, family demands justice

A rape case from Purana Talab area of Trikuta Nagar has come forward where a girl from a family belonging to Chhattisgarh was raped by a localite.

According to the girl, the boy forcefully touched her and locked the room while the boy’s mother has completely denied it. The family has demanded justice and wants a sentence to death for the boy.

The girl said “The boy being a localite visits our place regularly. He’s into drugs. I’ve seen him doing that many times but always ignored because I had my own work. Today, I wasn’t well so stayed at home. He has done the same thing with 2 girls before but first time with me (cries).”

The family members said that many people witnessed the incident but none came forward to help the poor girl. In fact, the boy’s mother defended her son by blaming the girl. She said that the girl’s family emphatically put her son into drugs and alcohol and the girl was equally responsible for the incident.

“The girl’s family used to take 1500-2000 rupees per day from son and make him eat non vegetarian food and drink alcohol. He hasn’t done anything. One cannot clap with one hand, both hands are involved. Similarly, she’s involved in this too. Don’t know since when she’s doing this trade. They have kidnapped my son but I haven’t filed any report in Police. It’s not my son’s fault.” She said.

While narrating the incident the girl’s mother said that her daughter wasn’t well. The boy when locked the room, the girl shouted but no one came to save her because they’ll fear him.

“As he left, she called me from a stranger’s phone. I rushed to the house and found her crying. We filed FIR in the Police Station. They took my daughter’s statement and went to the boy’s house but it was locked. They all had run away from there. Some medical tests and ultrasound of my daughter was done. She again gave her statement in the Court. The boy’s family blackmailed and threatened us to take back the case in exchange of money. They even beat my younger son.”

She further added that the girl’s family is satisfied with the Police investigation till now and have requested for a death sentence for the boy. This will be an example for everyone and will save other girls from being targets of his devilish acts.

The Police informed media that 2 FIR charges about rape and melee have been filed against the culprit and assured to get hold of the boy as soon as possible.

A country, where people worship Goddesses has turned into hell where females have become the targets of wicked and inhuman acts of men. This cruel behaviour is intolerant. Not only physically but rape affects a girl mentally. She may lose her happiness, trust and self confidence for life.

According to NCRB reports, 32,033 rape cases were reported in 2019 which shockingly translates to 88 rape cases per day in India – and this is just 10 percent of all the crimes against women.

This is neither the first case in the country nor the first one in the UT. Girls and their families have raised their voices “n” number of times. Everyone including Government listens to them but forgets after few days. A punishment, a law is to be made and if it’s made, it needs to be followed but above all why do we even need this law if our kids are well mannered and know the difference between right and wrong?