RAT scam in Jammu: Corona positive lady tested negative, report changed in just 4 hours

A lady, the resident of Nagrota, Jagti who was tested positive in the rapid antigen testing, tested negative after 4 hours while getting cross-checked. This has created hatred among the localities against the rapid testing process. People on the streets are protesting against the Health Department of Jammu and Kashmir using harsh and unpalatable words.
The lady said “I was testing positive under rapid testing and my husband and I went to Gandhinagar hospital for cross-checking. Suddenly after 4 hours, I was tested negative. Without having any symptoms like fever or bad medical conditions, how can I even test positive? They are just looting people and playing with their sentiments”
These inconsistencies and a high rates of false negatives will create a negative impact on people about rapid testing.
The lady’s daughter in a conversation said “These fake people with fake results may lead to a person’s death. Will they give justice to the depression my mother and our family faced? So many old age people are living here. They are just creating drama”
The system needs to change. If this continues, people will raise questions about the accuracy of the results.