Read my lips… I’ve information on PM Modi’s personal corruption: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, December 14
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that he has “personal information” about corruption by Prime Minister Narendra Modi but that he wasn’t being allowed by ruling lawmakers to speak about it in Parliament.
Gandhi didn’t give any detail.
Gandhi has been sparring with Modi over the government’s controversial recall of high-value banknotes, but it’s the first time he has cast aspersions on the Prime Minister who rode to power two years ago vowing to stamp out corruption.
Gandhi’s accusations are likely to worsen already tense ties between the government and the Opposition over the demonetisation of 500 and 1000-rupee bank bills. Gandhi had earlier said that if he speaks in Parliament there would be “an earthquake and Modi would not be able to sit”. “Read my lips. The Prime Minister is personally terrified with the information that I have. I have information on the personal corruption of Prime Minister,” Gandhi said at a press conference in the Parliament building.
“It is the personal corruption of the Prime Minister….that we have detailed information on.
I want to reveal in Lok Sabha… The government is not allowing me to speak. PM is afraid that if he lets me speak then his balloon will burst.”
There was no immediate reaction from the Prime Minister or his office. But his cabinet colleague and parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar said, “We dare Rahul to submit proof. They are spreading wild allegations.”
Prime Minister Modi has sought 50 days to tide over the cash crunch but that hasn’t pacified the Opposition. Protests over the demonetisation move have virtually washed out the Winter session of Parliament, and little legislative business is expected in its remaining three days. The belligerent opposition wants Modi to speak in the House on demonetisation, a surprise move that has left millions of people lining up at banks and ATM kiosks for over a fortnight. On his part, the Prime Minister has accused the Opposition of not allowing him to speak in the House and has, instead, chosen to defend his decision at public rallies.
“Modi has destroyed millions of lives. It is our right to speak… PM owes country an explanation.
He cannot keep running away to pop concerts and public meeting,” Gandhi tweeted after his press

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