Real stakeholders

Since militancy erupted in Kashmir Valley during 1989-90, Hurriyat Conference, an amalgam of various organizations of Kashmir Valley, is claiming to be sole stakeholder of prolong vexed Kashmir issue.
These self-styled stakeholders should understand that Jammu-Kashmir comprising large areas and large population at Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh having different aspirations and having other problems other than political problem as claimed by Valley based leaders and separatist forces.
Given that they can claim to be called stakeholder of Valley but cannot of Jammu, Ladakh, PoK refugee, Kashmiri Pandit or other section of the state, who have no concerned with separatist forces but have their own problem and aspirations.
Perhaps the people outside the state are not aware that Kashmir problem related to only Kashmir Valley and Kashmiri speaking people but to all other region of J&K state.
Any delegation visiting the state in connection with Kashmir issue should know this fact and realities on the ground.
In addition, a large chunk of population of J&K comprising Hindus and Sikhs were forced to migrate from PoK in 1947 during invasion of Pak sponsored marauders in a bid to grab Kashmir.
They are now called PoK refugees, who complain that they have no say in state politics.
The dilemma and agony they faced during the partition of the country still continue.
Though Government of India reserved 24 assembly seats in J&K state assembly for PoK residents of Pakistan nationality but no political right has been reserved for PoK migrants having Indian nationality. This demand has been raised by PoK refugees at a number of times for last 70 years but every successive government turned a deaf ear to them.
These people are also stake holders of Kashmir problem.
Surprisingly Pakistan considers Hurriyat only stake holder of Kashmir problem and meeting and giving importance to them at a number of times in the past, which is not true.
In addition, Pakistan has been insisting for tripartite talk on Kashmir including all stake holders, a demand which is not as per Shimla Agreement and Lahore Declaration which envisages that Kashmir issue has to be resolved bilaterally without interference of any third power.
If question of all stakeholders is raised then it is not only Hurriyat Conference leaders but representative of Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmiri Pandit, Pok refugees, Gilgat Baltistan and PoK as real stakeholders.
Just Hurriyat cannot be considered real representatives of various sections of the state living in different geographical condition and having different aspirations and problems.
But Pakistani rulers are ignoring this aspect. They are forgetting that the demand of tripartite talk including all stakeholders would make already knotty problem more complicated and no solution would come out as all stakeholders having different background would insist for their own interest.
Keeping in view all these situation, we expect that Pakistan would not insist for tripartite talk and would come to table with already agreed agenda in Shimla Agreement and Lahore Declaration after dismantling all terrorist infrastructures on its soil.

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