Realizing futility of violence

Dear editor
Kashmiris have finally realised the importance of education. Gone are the days when a student was more or less like a horse whose eyes were veiled laterally to prevent them from wandering here and there. To become doctors and engineers, which used to be the sole aim of education earlier is no longer true. Nowadays each and every student has a variety of interesting and honourable careers to choose from.
Every student dreams of having a successful career but only dreaming is not enough. The ticking clock keeps reminding us that time is slipping away very fast. Therefore, proper utilisation of time is very important to achieve your goals. Time has always played an important role in progress.
The gradual decline of development in Kashmir from 1989 is also to some extent a result of our failure to utilize time properly. Had time been properly managed, our Valley would have touched new heights.
Being from a conflict zone, we witness widespread atrocities every day.
Though we may not realise it immediately but witnessing killings and violence almost on a daily basis does take its toll on us.
It is true that oppression gives rise to rebels. Same is the case with our youth. Treacherous and terrible incidents force people to resort to violence.
May be this is why more and more people, especially our youth, are resorting to violence. But is it really wise? Violence may seem like a viable option when you are emotionally fragile but, in the long run, it only causes more damage. Going on strikes for weeks together will do nothing except waste the precious time of the students. It is said that to get a clearer view of the world you need to first wipe the tears you shed. Kashmir is progressing.
Khalid Mir
Astan Mohallah, Doda

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