Reckless Driving By Matadors

Dear Editor,
It is high time now that proper steps are taken to stop the reckless driving of matadors in the areas of TalabTillo, Plaoura, Janipur.
Only three days ago, two school children were hit by over-speeding matadors the girl died on the spot whereas the boy is still in a critical condition.
Many women and children who try to cross roads in these areas become victims to such reckless driving.
This has caused many fatal accidents. There is no doubt that regulations regarding speed limit do exist but the drivers pay no heed.
The police too take little or no notice of these offenders. Hence, accidents are almost a daily occurrence.
The police must strictly enforce the regulation regarding speed limit.
The public who are the worst sufferers must bring pressure to bear upon the police and other authorities to put a stop to reckless and negligent driving, otherwise this menace will continue unabated leading to more deaths.
Arun Bakshi
Talab Tillo, Jammu

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