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Dear Editor

Kind attention is drawn of the concerned authorities towards the problem encountered by the residents of Shakti Nagar and adjoining localities of Shiv Nagar and Rajpura due to non-availability of parapet or safety wall along the nullah flowing through this locality.

The open nullah without any protection wall is posing problem for the residents in particular and the public in general. In fact, a patch of road along with nullah in front of Afsargar Guest House located in Shakti Nagar is presently having no safety wall. As a result, this is dangerous not only to pedestrians but even those moving on this road in their vehicles causing accidents at times. Since, this nullah is uncovered and sans any safety wall, the public using this road to reach their respective destinations is faced with constant risk while moving on this patch of road.

Recently on March 14, 2016, an employee of AG Office is learnt to have fallen into this nullah along with scooty after being hit by an ensuing four wheeler while coming to office in the morning. Of course he was rescued but sustained injuries. He has had miraculous escape. Thank God that his life was saved. After pulling him out along with his scooty, he was immediately shifted to Medical College Hospital by the owner of the car.

Many such incidents have happened in the past as well where the auto or even matador had fallen into this nullah. Since it is motor able road and form part of the Rajpura Parade Matador route, matadors and even other vehicles often ply on this road with speed.

Even walking on this road along with nullah is dangerous especially when vehicles pass by. At times, one has to stop one’s movement in case, a four wheeler or a matador happens to just pass by as the earth stirring caused by the speeding vehicles is felt by the pedestrians.

And the situation becomes grave if somebody on bike and two wheeler is coming from opposite direction happens to cross or cross over along this patch of road. Road is also having pot holes which is another cause of concern.  Therefore the concerned authorities are requested to kindly look into this problem and have the parapet/safety protection wall constructed on this portion of the nullah so as to provide much needed respite to residents in particular and public in general.

Hopefully, the authorities concerned will take immediate cognizance of this problem and get the needful done as soon as possible so as to ensuring safety to people.


Ravi Sharma

Shakti Nagar


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