Regional Autonomy only solution to all ills: Sham Lal

Former Minister and senior Congress leader Sham Lal Sharma has reiterated that Regional Council for Jammu is the only solution of all ills with regard to discrimination at all level and allotment of funds to the Jammu region.

Addressing Congress workers at Akhnoor, Sham Lal said that Regional Council for Jammu region was must to remove discrimination against Jammu region and voiced that the funds to Jammu region should be allocated as per district and population share on the pattern of Leh & Kargil Hill Development Councils.

He said that the Council for the Jammu region should be Autonomous in nature. He said now the time has come to grant regional autonomy to Jammu and other regions of the State in order to put an end to the disparity among the three regions and to frustrate designs of disintegrating the State.

Sham observed that granting regional autonomy would help in empowering all regions and of the State. He said that in order to ensure to promote nationalism and togetherness of the regions, the present Government should think about the grant of regional autonomy to all the three regions. He said that it will also improve economic and political empowerment.

He further said that every now and then the differences between all the regions increase and the people of these regions are feeling alienated. Sham said that due to discrimination amongst the regions youth of Jammu is getting annoyed because of injustice meted out to them while selection in various jobs.

 He further said that youth of Kashmir already indulged in anti national activities and now the anger is brewing up amongst the youth of Jammu day by day who are otherwise nationalist. He further said that allowing regional autonomy has been enjoined in Congress party’s manifesto for the years 2008 and 2014.

Sharma reiterated Congress party demand for grant of fully empowered regional councils to Jammu & Kashmir particularly the Jammu region. He further said that on granting the regional council to all three regions, there will be equitable development of the three regions, equal distribution of funds and equal share in employment.

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