‘Regional Cooperation and Terror Don’t Go Together’

Uptight Study Report By:Harbans S Nagokay
With eagles like eyes & tight security arrangements everywhere, Today remained a ‘Hectic Day’ for all including Rule-or-regimes, media reporters or journalists, and troops / combatants with public in general. Everyone’s eyes in the skies, Ears on sounds coming from other side of LOC and Minds been kept awaken toward NEWS with discussions on every chit-chat etc.
Yes! An eye from agencies, otherwise been kept on social media, or Pro-Pakistani news agencies else morphed videos etc. related to surgical strike that kept our workaholic PM-Modi, who remained unseated without feeling asleep and a drop of water even, here-at.
The official said an eye is also been kept “on people who are visiting such annoying sites. There is a concern of reaction or anti-social elements spreading rumours (after the surgical strike) including few newspapers that’s why these measures are being taken.”According to the plan, attempts will be made to erase morphed videos of the surgical strike. It will be ensured that social media is not used as a tool to spread rumours’ among the citizens by so-called unearthed sleeper cells etc.According to some reports, about 356 jihadi videos have been blocked by the ATS, but the agency maintains that it’s a usual exercise and not because of Thursday’s surgical strikes.
If world news is believed, Pakistan has been virtually left alone in its fight on Kashmir issue / India; and to some extent, now been started sounding near like a ‘TERRORIST-STATE’ being involved supporting terrorism.
However, Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan GautamBambawale was summoned over the ‘unprovoked’ cross-border firing by Indian Army in which two Pakistani soldiers were killed, says Pakistan. And, during the meeting Pakistan Foreign Office told the India High Commissioner that they reject the claim of “surgical strikes” by India to which the high commissioner said that strikes were carried out to eliminate terrorists waiting at launch pads to attack India, and our commandos carried out this counter-terrorism strike across LoC, Indian High Commissioner tells Pakistan.
Inessential, rigidities between India and Pakistan have been baking since long and diplomatic drive to isolate Pakistan is also a reserved priority but US Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton,fears nuclear suicide bombers from Pakistan, as she expressed concern over the possibility of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into the hands of jihadists.
And, on other side, Shashank Joshi, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute think tank said that India has retaliated with similar strikes in the past but never admitted it openly. Joshi, said that it came out so publicly with Wednesday’s action was “very very significant,” while adding that India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “trying to show the rules of the game are changing.”
At the end, Pakistan should make a serious note and not forget that the U.S. may allied with both India and Pakistan, but there have been signs it might be putting its support behind India when it comes to the issue of militants from Pakistan.And, India is not showing its bravery guts with the support backing of any nation but at its own as when question comes about Nations integrity & security, we as Indians; all are one and things quite also be visible from Rahul Ghandi’s statement supporting the PM’s firm stand on terrorism and actions taken at POK, Rahul added, “Modi has my full support; the Congress party and entire nation is standing by him”.
Whereby, Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif, without learning any lesson from past defeats today again said that Kashmir was “unfinished agenda of partition” and Pakistan would continue to provide support to Kashmiris in their struggle for self-determination.Sharif said, No power can deter us from supporting our Kashmiri brethren in their just and
legitimate struggle for the exercise of their right to self-determination guaranteed to them by the UNSC relevant resolutions,” he said. And, told that Pakistan’s UN Ambassador MaleehaLodhi is set to meet UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday to inform him about the ‘surgical strikes’ that India carried out on terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC), confused Pak PM, actually failed to recall his yesterday’s denial, on same ‘SURGICAL ATTACK’. This disorder-confusion tell again to repeat lines of a famous quote:
‘You can’t follow your heart when it is more confused than your head’

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