Rehbar-e-Janglat file goes missing from civil secretariat, future of hundreds at risk

There is no trace of Rehbar-e-Janglat scheme in the Jammu and Kashmir forest department. Whether the file has gone missing, or it has been deliberately pushed in the background, something really wrong has happened.

If the sources are to be believed, the file has been forgotten and put in the junkyard. They added that this has been done deliberately and it has all happened during the tenure of Ex- Forest Minister Mian Altaf. He was disinterested and seriously opposed to this scheme.

According to the details available with Newspoint Bureau, the Rehbar-e-Janglat proposal was initiated in the year 2007 to work out some scheme on the pattern of Rehbar-e-Taleem and Rehbar-e-Sehat vide file no Fst/NG/61/2007. A committee constituted under the chairmanship of I.A Khan IFS then PCCF has recommended absorption of 1000 Forestry Graduates/DDR in the scheme.

The expenditure for this scheme was submitted to the commissioner secretary planning who directed the Department to prepare the proposal to be met by centrally sponsored schemes. Then the proposal was submitted by the committee in 2013 with the recommendation that the said youth be adjusted through rural development department.

Only 159 technocrats were taken. Finally the youth concerned went on a protest in the year 2014 and they met the then Chief Minister who called a meeting with Secretary of Forest and agreed for absorption of 390 student. Then the department of Forest circulated the information in a daily newspaper to submit the applications from the students who have completed forestry graduation for their enrollment. The total number was recorded 525.

Further it was re advised and the number was recorded as 487. This was afterwards approved by the then CM under the scheme a Rehbar-e-Janglat. With a state exchequer of 2 crores annually, Rs 4859(rest will be from the forest department. Monthly stipend was fixed at Rs 5000. DPR was accordingly prepared and submitted to the Commissioner Secretary Planning Department by the Forest department for approval where under Rs. 2 Crore annually were requisitioned for the scheme of Rehbar-e-Janglat.

An amount of Rs 84 lakhs was kept for the scheme but the file was returned it after a long time with the remark that the code of conduct has been imposed on the account of election in the state. After election, the scheme was re-submitted to the Commissioner Secretary planning for sanction. Then it was again returned after lapses of 2 months. Since then, file is pending in the forest department.


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