Rejected politicians given ministerial-ranks

Dear Editor,
It refers to West Bengal Chief Minister giving posts of ministerial-rank to four of her colleagues rejected by voters in recently held elections to state-assembly. It is totally unethical and immoral though constitutionally valid. System should be that defeated candidates in any election may not get any unelected government-postings for next six years. Even such defeated persons should not be allowed entry to Rajya Sabha or state legislative councils either through nomination or by contesting elections. Concept of useless state legislative-councils should be abolished from the constitution. Also rule should be that any elected representative including Parliamentarians and state-legislators may not be allowed to hold any post in party or any other private society, because giving attention to their respective constituencies and voters is in itself a challenging task requiring full-time assignment as elected representative.
Time has come that ‘NOTA’ may be turned into ‘Right-To-Reject’ where all those getting less votes than ‘NOTA’ may be banned to contest any election in life-time with re-elections held in case of ‘NOTA’ getting most votes. However ‘NOTA’ button may be disabled in case of re-election caused due to ‘NOTA’ winning the elections to avoid chain of re-elections.
Subhash Chandra Aggarwal
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
New Delhi-110006 (India)

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