Relaxation techniques do help patient with cardiovascular diseases: Dr Sushil

In order to augment his campaign towards awareness of common populace regarding incidence of cardiovascular diseases, Dr Sushil Sharma today held a day long medical check-up cum awareness camp in Swami Paul Meditation Home in New plot in Jammu city. Accompanied by a team of young doctors, paramedics and volunteers, Dr Sushil Sharma examined people of the area for prevalence of cardiac diseases and other health ailments. More than 200 people were screened. They were thoroughly evaluated, diagnosed and free medicines were given as per the requirement.
Dr Sushil Sharma, during his interaction with the patients, stressed upon adopting different relaxation techniques in their daily life to overcome the fear of cardiovascular diseases. There are different relaxation techniques and the important ones are Yoga, breathing exercise, Tai chi, guided imagery, music therapy, and meditation. For people with cardiovascular diseases, these techniques prove beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. He further stated that it can also help to sleep better, which is a very important restorative part of physical health. “Relaxation techniques can effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety and panic and can help maintain these reductions in patient with generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or Panic disorder with agoraphobia.” He Added. Dr Sushil said that recent studies have offered promising results about the impact of meditation, yoga and breathing exercise in reducing blood pressure. Stress is the body’s natural alarm system. It increases sympathetic drive which in turn causes breathing to quicken, and heart rate and blood pressure rises. He briefed the patients who were present on the occasion that there are countless types of relaxation techniques and it is important to find an approach that people feel comfortable with. It may be listening to one’s favourite music or sitting in a lonely place. Prayer can also be a form of it.
However he cautioned that while relaxation techniques lowers stress and risk for heart diseases but it cannot replace other important lifestyle changes like eating healthy foods, losing or managing weight, reducing salt or getting regular physical activity. He further added that it is also not a substitute for any medication prescribed by the doctor. Relaxation techniques should be adjunct to other preventive methods to control cardiovascular diseases, Dr Sushil elaborated.
Swami Paul applauded the efforts of Dr Sushil Sharma and his team for organizing cardiac awareness camp in their area and wish them a prosperous life for having acceded to our request and stressed upon the people to adopt healthy lifestyle in addition to relaxation techniques so that burden of cardiovascular diseases reduces and further added that people like Dr Sushil and his team require a great appreciation for doing such a noble service to the society.

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