Releasing despair



Whenever we set back with gloom, we name it easily as ”Depression”.Everyone is now presumed to be capable of nursing a depressed feeling.But, is this really too easy to perpetrate?What normally comes in our thoughts regarding this despairing disease is depression, a mental infirmity caused by a growing sense of loss.

Now this loss might be articulated by someone’s sudden demise, a breakup or absence of something or someone, indispensable to the sufferer.When we are failed to bring in an appropriate change, suitable to our wish, we can make it done by processing the ways of our thoughts.Such thoughts that I’m going to discuss now might sound selfish for the troubling incidents but reaches perfection in the  case of dissolving the suffering.

I shall begin with two very binary plights that I saw and witnessed to be unresolved due to carrying  the baggage of emotion.When wrong emotion is put into the veins, it simply manages to trouble our brains thus makes us captive of crying, nagging, whining, shouting and other extravagant expressions.So, I never suggest to get  rid of emotion but make it flow in a proper direction.Here, the first plight was  the unawarely  death of a successful family man(x) who is exemplified for securing best careerist achievements as well as maintaining a peaceful family life despite being a prey to various physical infirmities.

the bindings of destiny tied him up horribly like how the evil spirits possess people in conjuring stories.We have an answer to the calamity of his death and this thinking could help his family out of depression/despair/suicidal attempts.If we could bring X back to life even for once, could we save him from his truth of instability, caused by his disease.

After a few sympathetic visits it happened to be a crisis of X only, his family who are now cursing their livelihoods could do nothing but being a paralysed spectator.Can’t we think this in a different way, being a bit liberal to the present circumstances? Yes!WE should make this shape as how our loving almighty saved him from mortal pain and bestowed him with ultimate peace.He is like the shining star above the sky, smiling at his near and dear ones.Should we revert to him being unconditionally broken and dying?That won’t let him glitter like the sun shone star and we have no right to make him unhappy.Please do think this way, you won’t be disappointed.

Another incident,  where I saw a widow mother could not untie herself  from the demands of youth along with keeping the eyes of affection open for her only child who happened to be a barrier between his mother and his mother’s beloved one.A many times scolding, hurting and preaching different lessons could not erase the child’s fear of losing his mother to an unknown fatherly figure[this is how he had been trained to call that guy by his mother].Here, one truth is very neutral that the lady was unable to think without her beloved being a young widow and if this is quite natural for her what should be done to the helpless child?

Every child is not equally understanding and feasible by nature. And, here this baby boy was beyond control while seeing both her mother and her fiancee together. Meanwhile the lady started weaving her dream of a new family with that guy and, of course, she never omitted her first child from the set of plans she had.But…………..that tug of war became harsh for the child, he became iller every passing day and at last passed away.It’s never desirable to support the demise of an unbloomed flower but sincerely that child could not ever get a life with his married mother and her family.

Even if not in actuality, he was accustomed to feel deprived due to owning a hatefulness towards his newly born mother, at least this is how he was trained. Can we make any better by being abusive at his mother who is critically suicidal and abusive at herself?If we make her think that her child is okay at the almighty lap, giggling at her mother over her blowing hair under the breezy sky, at least we can save a life that values more than putting her into a punishable offense.

We can’t bring back who is gone but make our thoughts powerful by putting on a belief, a reliance on GOD, a way to come over the hurdles. Let us begin with a thrust of reliance from within, let us believe from the core of our souls,”WE are sheltered under  caring curtain of the power of truth; which we entifies by a lovely word ”GOD”

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