Residents not pleased with existing town plan: Kargil

Residents of Kargil are not satisfied with the existing Kargil town draft by the town planning department. According to them, the existing draft has been prepared people sitting in an air condition room in Kashmir without seeking suggestions and feedback from general public of Kargil or any involvement of the people of Kargil in the drafting of the plan.

They asserted that Kargil town is facing infrastructure deficit and economic slowdown post 1999 Indo-Pak war. When the project of the first ever master plan was revealed to the people of Kargil, we hoped that they will take into consideration hopes of aspirations of the General Public, which is not the case.

In order to prepare a town plan one must be acquainted with the the geography, topography and the demography of that area which is only possible either one has studied the area closely or is an inhabitant of that area. It must Facilitate commercial, industrial, residential, tourism, recreational and other investments of the town

They reiterated that kargil doesn’t have separate commercial and residential demarcation of areas as such. Due to the absence of building by laws and proper planning strategies, the haphazard pattern of growth can be seen in the town. So, they should first closely study the region of Kargil and then plan the town accordingly benefiting the general public of Kargil and to accommodate the increasing population of Kargil.

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