Residents of ward no. 2, Bishnah hold protest against poor drainage system

The residents of ward no. 2 on Wednesday staged a protest against poor drainage system in the ward. The protestors raised slogans against the administration for not paying heed towards their genuine grievances. While talking to JK Newspoint, The locals alleged, “during heavy rains water entered their houses and damaged all goods,” adding due blockage of Saiffan huge water logging were seen on the road , resulting commuters and people of the area suffering a lot but concerned agencies totally ignoring their issues.
They demanded that the administration should take appropriate action in this regard so the locals of the area get relief from this.
Meanwhile, the farmers of Bishnah also faced apathy of the government as due to lack of maintenance of Nallha in Bishnah, resulting during heavy rains the water entered into the farm. While talking to JK newspoint, the farmers told, “due to heavy rains the area witnessed a flood like situation and whole water into our farm and we should face huge loss. They urged the administration to maintain the nallah so they can save crops.