Respect to National Anthem

After 1960’s, now once again Cinema Halls to play National Anthem before movie screenings and all exits will be shut during that time. Earlier the cinema halls used to play the national anthem after the movie in the 1960s, but people often walked out in the middle. The practice faded away over the years, as multiplexes dramatically transformed movie-watching but the anthem is still played in theatres in some states. In 2003, Maharashtra made it compulsory. Whether or not to stand in the cinema hall when the anthem is played has generated much debate and confusion.
Now with the decision of Supreme Court to make National Anthem compulsory in all cinema halls at the start of every movie is a welcome step. This step of government is appreciated by all the nationalists of India. This will also create national integrity among the nationalists and bring us united. As per Supreme Court order all those persons who are present in the cinema hall must stand up and show due respect to the anthem and the national flag that would be depicted on the screen. Through this, every one should respect the anthem song and those who won’t stand up or won’t show respect, will be dealt with action. Authorities should direct all the cinema hall holders to first give directions to customers that they all have to show respect and on the time of its start, they all have to stand up as the National Anthem should not be abridged or dramatised. Nor could it be used for commercial purposes. Even the anthem should not be printed on undesirable objects which cause disrespect. Time has come that people must feel and show respect to the national anthem, the symbol of constitutional patriotism. The government promised to have the system in place in 10 days.

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