Restore dignity of teachers: Rana

Urging the government to restore the dignity of teachers and eschew the tendency of belittling them by jeopradising their service conditions, National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday said that when those charged with the responsibility of shaping the future of younger generation are forced to come on streets, there is definitely something wrong that needs immediate correction.
“It is painful to watch the teachers being forced by the government to take to the streets, as this sends a very wrong signal to younger people, who perceive them as their role models”, Rana said while interacting with striking teachers outside the Directorate of Education Complex in Muthi this morning.
He said though teachers have the right to agitate and protest in support of their demands yet forcing them to such a situation is a sad reflection on the
government, that be.
“Having said that, our intent is never to politicise the agitation of teachers, who are peeved over frequent transfers based on pick and chose policy, and therefore it is incumbent upon the government to see how best and how immediately their grievances are redressed”, Rana said while regretting over lack of any viable policy devised in
this regard.
“The criterion ought to be right person at right place with of course due care to their choice but whatever is being done is neither in the interest of students nor to the satisfaction of teachers”, he said and urged the government to address to this malady on immediate basis.
The Provincial President urged the government to address to the concerns of the striking teachers and ensure that they are seen in their schools rather than agitating on roads,, he observed and stressed the need for showing some sort or respect and taking care of the dignity of teachers.

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