Resume dialogue with Pandits :Ambardar to CM

Bhartiya Janta party MLC Surinder Ambardar today urged the  chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to resume the dialogue with Kashmiri pandit displaced community  for their honorable return and rehabilitation to their homes and roots

MLC while speaking to the reporters on the sidelines of an event said that for any decision which needs to be taken for the Return and Retention of Kashmiri Pandits to their ancestral homes it is imperative that they(Kp’s) should be taken into confidence or else we might be doing a futile exercise if the concerns of displaced community are not adhered

MLC while elaborating on the same said that mufti Sahab had already started a dialogue process with representatives of different community organizations immediately after taking over as chief minister in March last year and there were couple of meetings which took place of which even I was a part of however that needs to be taken forward

On being asked that New Delhi  has to start a Process of dialogue with Pandits MLC said that central government headed by prime minister Narender modi is aware of the aspirations of the displaced community but the onus lies with the chief minister of the state who needs to lead a delegation of representatives of different pandit forums and organization so that a concrete roadmap for the return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri pandit community is formulated and that is the reason dignified return of Pandits has been included in the agenda of alliance document for whose implementation Chief minister Mehbooba mufti seems to be very keen

Ambardar added that the void which has been created in the kashmir valley due to the absence of Kashmiri Pandits from last 26 years needs to be full-filed and any further delay in doing so will not help anybody’s cause as the return of community this time should be made possible only if there is a process which is followed for their retention as well with the guarantee of non Refoulment

Ambardar also stated that along with the return and rehabilitation of displaced community their political and religious rights also need to be looked into which shall act as a confidence building measures

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