ReT teachers forum lambast CEO Doda for not releasing salary

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Doda, April 25
All Jammu and Kashmir Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers Forum (AJKRETTF) today lambasted Chief Education Officer (CEO) Doda for not releasing the salary till date when teachers are already without salary for 4-6 months. It is to be noted that even the disbursement of salary to ZEO’s is a mystery needed to be solved as where some ZEO’s are having zero balance in salary component others even after clearing salary of Jan and Feb still are having huge balance in the SSA accounts.
In a meeting of the executive body held here under the district president AJKRETTF, Doda Sajad Malik today lambasted the tyrannic attitude of the officers towards the Rehbar-e-Taleem community. During meeting the teachers who were regularized as general line teachers almost a year ago are still struggling to get their service records completed. Only the ones who are either favourite or have monetary relations have got their work done.
Malik spoke that within one week if the other issues too will not be addressed and sorted,a massive protest with the closure of schools along with state body leaders including state president Vinod Sharma, chairman Bashir Ahmed Dar and other state body members will lead a protest at Doda for which Chief Education Officer Doda will be wholly solly responsible .
Others who spoke on the occasion and express their anguish over the mismanagement in the department were Ashiq Jaral, senior vice president, Wahid Wani general secretary, Sarfaraz Misger district chief auditor, Harbinder Goria vice president, Hamiet Wani chief organiser, Naseer Ahmed district organiser and others.

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