Road accidents are an act of negligence

Dear Editor,
Road accidents are increasing in a very rapid pace mainly because of the negligence of driver, pedestrians Road accidents have increased in the city despite of the precaution of the traffic authorities. Many young and innocent persons lose their lives every day.
These road accidents occur due to the lack of civic sense in the people and their ignorance of road and traffic signals. The pedestrians are overrun because they try to cross the roads at places of their choice. The number of accidents of people riding scooters, bikes, scooties are very high because most of the young men are beginners and do not know how to ride vehicles.
Another cause of the fatal accidents is rash driving. The truck drivers are mostly dead drunk and, therefore, care not a fig for traffic rules. They drive their trucks at a high speed even through congested localities, and crush down whoever comes in the way.
It is high time that authorities should take a serious view of the lapses on the part of the drivers. This can be done only by levying heavy fines and the forfeiture of their licenses. Licenses, too, should be checked frequently. Moreover, the need of the hour is to wake up the traffic authorities to take strong measures against the erring drivers so the lives of the innocents cans be saved.
Naresh Thakur
Jewel, Jammu.

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