Romantic, flirty or messy: Tips to get the perfect braid for every mood

They’re dreamy, delicate, easy to do and have always made the perfect cut for every occasion. Braids have been attracting a lot of attention on the runways and red carpet as all time favourite of the celebs. Here is how to give your hair a makeover without having the need to chop them off.

1. Breezy messy braid


1. Apply hair serum and detangle hair. Now, create a pouf in the centre of your head using a tail comb. Tease your hair to add volume to the pouf.
2. Now, from the end of the pouf, weave the hair into a twisted messy braid by dividing your hair into two parts while twisting both sections. Tuck it with a bobby pin near the nape.
3. Tease the end of the braid with a tail comb for the messy look.
4. Tie the ends with a rubber-band and add a cute bow.


1. Blow dry your hair to make it easier to style.
2. Take about 2-inch section of your hair from the front left side.
3. Tie the rest of the hair in a neat ponytail.
4. Now start braiding the section on your left.
5. Braid it till the end of the hair strands.
6. Now take the braid over your head to the right side.
7. Secure the braid with bobby pins. Add a cute hair accessory such as a jewelled clip or bobby pin.


1. Start with unwashed hair, curled with a curling iron.
2. Next, tease the crown area to achieve that messy look.
3. Part a section and place it behind the right ear.
4. Now create a three-strand braid, adding hair only to the outside section. Keep the rest of the hair aside for the ponytail.
5. Conclude with tying the shaft of your braid with a rubber band and pull your hair back into a high ponytail.
6. Tease the ponytail with a tail comb to get the messy look.


1. Divide your hair in two sections.
2. Now take thin strand from left section and take to other side.
3. Tuck the strand into the right section.
4. Keep taking small sections and keep making braid in the same way
5. After you finish making the braid, secure with a hair tie
6. Avoid using hair spray to retain the messy look.


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