Romeo Force orgainses lecture on Drug Abuse

The humanitarian projects undertaken to spread awareness by the Indian Army for the welfare of the local youth got a boost due to the efforts of Rashtriya Rifles Battalion of Romeo Force which organised a lecture on Drug Abuse for the students of Maqddas Degree College, Mendhar, district Poonch, today. 98 students and 06 teachers from Maqddas Government Degree College, Mendhar and youth of Mendhar attended the lecture. During the lecture, the students and youth were sensitized about various aspects of drug abuse which include type of drugs and their adverse effects on the health, various signs and symptoms of drug abuse and treatment aspects including rehabilitation.

The representatives of the Army giving the lecture brought out the facts about the rampant drug abuse in the region.  They explained to the youth how the drug traffickers were playing with the lives of the youth. They said that the drugs were firstly supplied at negligible costs and once the person got addicted to it, then they were exploited.  The medical officer of the Army explained to the students about various type of drugs and how they affected the body.  He explained how some drugs effected the neuro system while others the respiratory system and blood, thereby making the body totally dependent on them.  The event concluded with a question and answer session which saw keen involvement of the students. The students and teachers applauded the effort of the Army in organising such activities which generated awareness on important social topics.

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