Romeo Force orgainses painting competition at Darhal

Rashtriya Rifles Battalion under Romeo Force organised a Painting Competition on the theme of “Unity in Diversity” at Government Boys High Secondary School, Darhal, district Rajouri, today in order to encourage young budding artist of the remote Darhal Valley. The competition was held for students from classes VI to X. Eighty students from sixteen nearby schools participated in the event.   Modh Misri, Principal Government Boys High Secondary School, Darhal was the Chief Guest of the programme who distributed prizes at the end of the competition.

Saika Arshak got the award of the best painting. The paintings of all the participants were displayed in the community hall.   Saika Arshak told that her painting will be displayed as a banner in YEGN, Thanamandi. When congratulated about her award winning painting she said that she had hardly expected that her painting will get such a prestigious recognition.  Saika Arshak also said that her painting represented Indian Unity.        The Chief Guest as well as the other prominent personalities present thanked the Indian Army for raising the artistic awareness of the students.  The locals also said that the events gave an opportunity to the students to showcase their talents. The participants admitted that they have drawn inspiration from this competition and promised to enhance their creative excellence in future.

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