Rs 270 cr loans for Jammu Kashmir Unemployed Youth

Under government’s ambitious initiative, Back to Village-3, banks in J&K have sanctioned an estimated Rs 270 crore loans for self employment of 16,299 youth.

  1. The third phase of ‘Back to Village (B2V3) was launched from 2nd to 12th October 2020. The program was preceded by a build-up of 21-day Jan Abhiyan/Awami Muhim which inter alia included implementation of three essential components viz. Adhikar Abhiyan/Muhim Barai-e-Haqooq; Unnat Gram Abhiyan/Dehi Taraqiyati Muhim; and the Jan Sunwai Abhiyan/Awami Sunwai Muhim.

The program envisages joint involvement of government officials and banks to facilitate equal growth through community participation besides redressal of public grievances. A target of 10,000 loan cases was assigned to banks under the program with focus on employment generating schemes.

Official figures reveal that banks have over-achieved the target by sanctioning loans to 16,299 youths amounting to Rs 270 crore.


As per the figures, in all 21,081 cases were received under B2V3 for finance of small businesses by youth, of which 16,299 cases have been sanctioned.

The Jammu and Kashmir Bank has a major share in credit dispensation under this initiative. It has received 19,402 cases and sanctioned 15,477 amounting to Rs 249.57 crore.

The other banks who have given loans include JK Grameen Bank, Punjab National Bank and ED Bank.

A senior government official said that the back to village programs have proved to be successful in mitigation the grievances of people living in rural areas. “These initiatives have bought officials as well as banks to their doorsteps. The finance component under self-employment has helped over 16,000 youth to start their businesses and be job creators rather seekers. It has helped them avail finances for starting up small establishments within a short span of time.”

It is pertinent to mention that Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on October 27 announced the sanctioning of over 10,000 cases under B2V3 Self-Employment Programme,

The Lt Governor had stated that his “mantra for J&K revolves around 4 Ps” viz. Peace, Progress, Prosperity and People first.

He had said that the sanctioning of over 10,000 cases under B2V3 Self Employment Programme, Economic Package and My Town-My Pride highlighted the UT government’s commitment to empowering the youth which is one of the foremost priorities of J&K government.