Ruckus over SRO 105

Jammu and Kashmir legislative Assembly has been witnessing ruckus over SRO 105, which provides that every mineral concession holder-stone quarry, sand extractors, and soil excavator-shall have to obtain various No Objection Certificates (NOCs), mining plan, environment clearance, etc., before any type of extraction of building material.
The ruckus started when lawmakers informed that the Chandigarh resident, Mohan Paul Singh, has been accorded “no objection certificate” for extraction of minerals from the Ravi river on an area of 40 acres at two separate spots, thus questioning the temerity of the officials of the geology and mining department and Pollution Control Board who issue the certificate despite the fact that the assembly has imposed moratorium on the implementation of SRO-105 pending a decision from the house committee headed by former speaker Muhammad Akbar Lone.
Meanwhile, the Government had informed the House that the orders passed by Director Geology and Mining on 12-05-2016 under SRO 105 have been cancelled with immediate effect. This is not the first time that the SRO 105 has been discussed, implemented and revoked by the assembly. Earlier also the government deferred implementation of SRO 105 by three months, when Stone Crusher Owners Association (SCOA) while criticizing anti industrial policies demanded immediate scrapping of SRO-105, which imposes blanket ban on any sort of mining.
According to this SRO a blanket ban was imposed on any sort of mining from anywhere which has brought the Stone Crusher Industry to a standstill. Not only Stone Crusher Industry, but, the entire associated businesses, particularly construction have been razed to ground.
Pertinently, if the Government intends to lease out mining to the contractors after constituting different mining blocks, then being under “Special Status” i.e. Article 370, the blocks must be leased out to only State subject holders. The issue raked up for three consecutive days also pushed opposition to demand for resignation of concerned minister for permitting non state subjects to carry on excavations.

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