Rumor mongering touches heights, whatsapp groups new nuisance

Balwant Singh Bhau


In this modern tech savvy world, here we are sitting on our couches forwarding texts to each other that if the world will end soon or not.

Today the whatsapp groups are bombarded with health warnings, stupidest jokes, and mind bursting ‘facts’ which are of no sense at all. Generally the rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots. The worst thing is that the people are forwarding those messages from one group to another without any regard for common sense and depicting stupidity at the fullest.

Now the question is why the Government is not keeping a track on these ‘rumor groups’? Rumors are generally tales of false or unconfirmed statements or details of some events which circulate from person to person very rapidly. Rumors are generally meant for the purpose of obtaining fun but this fun thing can be achieved only if the intension of rumor is not to hurt the sentiments of people.

A single false rumor has the capability of creating anxiety, confusion and dismay in the hearts and minds of people. “Quoting a recent rumor” The world would get destroyed by 2012 created a scenario of fear and confusion, resulting in the migration of some people from the plains to mountains of France. This is the impact of rumor in a developed country like France where the people are much literate and can easily differentiate between wrong and right.

Now, one could easily imagine what would be the impact of these rumors in developing countries like India where the literacy rate is still low. People of this country easily fall prey to any false rumor and consider it a truth. A person can easily spread a bogus story to his fellow beings much before that anyone could even check the veracity of the story.

One such rumor recently in Kashmir where few guys circulated a rumor that due to a vaccine which was meant to save them from polio virus, many died. People of the state considered this to be a truth and an atmosphere of panic was visible everywhere.

Parents used every single possible resource to take their wards to nearby or leading hospitals. Despite announcements by Govt. officials that it’s just a rumor people in large numbers were seen rushing towards hospitals as they were not certain what the truth is and after a lot of disturbance things finally were back to normal but the question that still lingers in every one’s mind is who actually was responsible for all that what happened.

Every single person has his own sets of information that he can circulate to 100s in a single Whatsapp group and those 100s can circulate to 1000s and within no time everyone gets false information. The need of the hour is simply to stop such groups or devise a strict code of conduct so that this menace can be stopped.


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