Sahib Bandagi delivers spiritual speech at Akhnoor Ashram

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Jammu Tawi, April 17
On the eve of the 68th Birthday Anniversary of His holiness Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, the head of the Sahib Bandgi Panth, lacks of devotees from every corner of the country assembled at Akhnoor Ashram to pay salutations to their Satguru. On this occasion, a grand Bhandara was organised which lasts for 3 days 17th to 19th April.While delivering his sermons on 18th April, Madhu Param Hans Ji Maharaj said that supreme power resides within us. But still it is strange to find that we have not been in a position to understand His existence. It means there are certain forces that are present within our body & are preventing us from having any realisation of Him. These forces are preventing us from having any realisation of our soul even. It is the feeling of our identity that prevents us from realising our soul. This ‘I’ is not only the word ‘I’. It stands for the identity that we are aware of. It is this ‘I’ that stands as an obstacle between us & God & doesn’t let us realise Him. It is this that feels comfort & sorrow, feels itself as the owner of material things & turns some as our friends or others as our enemies. All this is the play of mind. The soul is pure & serene but it has fallen in the net of mind. It must be remembered that it is the soul that is supplying the needed energy to the body in all the activities of the latter. In fact, the body owes its existence to the soul. It is the mind that makes desires but it is the soul that helps in its fulfillment. If the mind makes a desire to eat mangoes, the soul extends all help in its fulfillment. There is a secret behind the power of mind & this secret is nothing but ignorance. When the soul realises its real identity, the mind ceases to perform its activities.

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