Saifuddin Soz wants article 35A and 370 to be implemented again

Saifuddin Soz

Former Union Minister Professor Saifuddin Soz wants article 35A to be implemented again. He has also requested Mirwaiz Umar Farooq (Chairman of Awami Action Committee) to come forward for this matter and urged the people of valley to unite for this change. He belongs to Congress party and believes that article 35A can again be executed if people take a stand together.

A reporter in a conversation said “Saifuddin Soz has been an important a high status Minister of Kashmir. Though after Supreme Court’s instruction he was set free, but was one of the leaders to be house arrested for the longest time. Taking names he said that regional parties should come together otherwise the next generation will not forgive us. No one knows he’s still with Congress or not. After being in retention for so long and being a senior Professor maybe it’s his own opinion but by the hints he gave like Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s not being well and Mirwaiz’s being quiet it seems he wants everyone to be a part of this. At this point of time almost every party like Congress want the re-application of these articles. Even National Conference’s General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said that all the regional parties are on the same page for this fight. Professor Sir has kept his opinion in front of everyone. He is the same person who gave the Court’s decision in Congress’ favour rather than BJP.”

Saifuddin Soz was a Member of Parliament for a long time. Not only Union Minister but he has been India’s Minister of Water Resources in India’s 14th Lok Sabha and Minister of Environment and Forests in 1990s.

Saifuddin Soz said “The people of Kashmir have been discrete and demure. They are really upset with this abolition and will not be satisfied unless this decision is taken back or any alternative is put up if it does not affect Modiji’s ruling power and sentiments.Modiji’s ruling power and sentiments. Except 10-20 people who support BJP or RSS, no one in Kashmir is out of this, everyone wants justice. We were left alone during retention rest all the political parties merged together. Jammu Kashmir was given a special status and the leading Party has to resume it maybe they give it a different name. When leaders like me become senior we have a sort of freedom. I don’t force Congress to agree with me but yes I am still a part of Congress. They are the only source of hope for the people and are fighting against destructive parties like BJP and RSS. Kashmiris will not compromise anymore. This is my individual stand and I request Congress party to come up in support”.

Mainstream parties of Jammu Kashmir like National Conference, PDP and Congress can be seen coming together. But the main thing to focus is whether this stand is being used to get into power again or just to trick people. Will BJP react to it?