Samba: Auto-rickshaw drivers face financial crisis amid lockdown

Two months after the government relaxed restrictions amid coronavirus outbreak, Auto-rickshaw drivers in Bari Brahmana area of District Samba to keep afloat as they face weak demand and financial pressure.

They rue that very few people are stepping out and availing their services, while private financers are forcing them to pay back the loans taken by them to buy the vehicles.

With people still keeping indoors due to the coronavirus scare, autorickshaw drivers are finding passengers with much difficulty these days. Most of these drivers are finding it hard to survive, say auto union leaders.

Another driver said that he is facing financial problems as he has to pay rent of the room to the landlord. “I am facing a big financial problem as I do not have any regular income now.

They appealed, “the government to consider their demands otherwise we will force to kill ourselves as we have no other sources of earning.